Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Star Wars

We don't do much license wear over here, but I do buy some occasionally.  For some reason, I'm okay with select character -- especially on boys.  Tim found this Star Wars shirt on clearance at Target when Teddy was a baby.  Tillie wore it once, and Teddy has worn it a couple of times now.  He's gotten to the point that he's excited about wearing it, even though all his knowledge of Star Wars comes from an ABC book we have.  He also knows daddy likes it, so I suppose that makes it "cool" to him as well.

His Gap fleece lined jeans are from Goodwill.  I tried them on him early last fall and even though they're 18-24m they were HUGE on him.  I pulled them out again last week and they're a great fit!  I guess he is finally growing.  I wish I would have tried them on him when it was below freezing a few weeks ago.  Oh, well.  Anyway, Teddy LOVES them.  He calls them "cozy pants" and likes them as much as pajamas.

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