Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Errands Day

Today we had a full agenda: doctor's appointment, mall, eye doctor, Family Fare, dance class and dinner out.  Yes, I am exhausted at the end of this day.

Ted is wearing a crewcuts hooded pull-over, Genuine Kid skinny jeans and checkered Vans.  (Shoes that he is apparently incapable of walking in on carpet.  He fell a bajillion times at the doctor's office...)

Tillie is wearing a crewcuts "9" shirt, Gap jeans, Gymboree knee highs and Cherokee boots.  I liked this outfit in theory, but something is "off" on it.  She told me she's going to wear this shirt on her birthday when she turns 9, but I suspect(hope!) that a size 4-5 shirt will be too small.

I don't think I've shared Tillie's dance clothes before.  It was all a Christmas gift and the leotard, tights, skirt and shoes are all Bloch.  Since it was the "performance" day, we added a crown braid and a big DreamSpun bow.  Her bun doughnut is from H&M.

And, if you want to watch a 1 1/2 minute dance performance by 3&4 year olds, I have a video for you!  I'll let you guess which girl Tillie said, "didn't listen" every week.


Amy said...

This made me laugh out loud! Tillie did great but I see what she meant!

Amy said...

This made me laugh out loud. Tillie did great.