Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

Even though Tim scraped ice off my windows this morning, it's officially Spring!  This morning we met some of my cousins at the Children's Museum.  My "Super Fast" Ted is wearing a crewcuts tee over an H&M layering tee, Geniune Kids skinny jeans and his red TOMS(that are *almost* too small at size 5.5).

Tillie is wearing a Matilda Jane Knot dress as a top.  It's a 2.  There are a lot of annoying things about a slim girl and clothing, but this is definitely a perk!  She was 16m when she wore it for the first time.  Today it's layered over a Next top(thrift store) with Gap skinny jeans and "red" mary jane TOMS.  I got them recently from Zulily, but I think they're more of a dark coral.  Pretty color, but not what I was expecting.  Her clip and necklace are Dreamspun.

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