Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mall Trip

Today we planned on staying home, but when I saw that there were free carousel rides at the mall I decided it was time for my big kids' first ride.  Tillie wore a Next dress(picture day dress!), Polka Dot Pearl leggings and pink mary jane TOMS.  Later we went to a garage sale and I made her switch to navy leggings, as she always ends up on the ground playing with toys.  I think I actually liked it better with navy.  This dress still has some growing room, so it will be a great kindergarten outfit!

Teddy's wearing a Gap rugby stripe shirt(garage sale), 77Kids jeans and Gap JunkFood Star Wars slip-ons.  He's happily carrying the fire truck pajamas and dinosaur tee my mom bought him.

While I unintentionally matched my older kids, Beatrix is not wearing blue.  (No, seriously, I haven't been getting enough sleep to think about coordination.)  She's wearing a Gymboree Cuddly Lambs one-piece.  If Teddy had been a girl it would have been the coming home outfit!  It's one of a few newborn size one-pieces that actually fit her.  (Although you can see that the arms are a little short...)  She's too tall for a lot of the sleep n' plays that Tillie wore.  Luckily I have quite a few gowns that she can wear to bed at night.

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