Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pink and Green

Today's agenda was my doctor's appointment, Nantucket Bakery and Yesterdog with my mom and Kiz.  I think Til and Ted were happy they got to stay in the waiting room instead of coming back with me to the exam room.

Teddy is wearing a Ruum polo from Goodwill.  Ruum was 77Kids, the American Eagle kids brand until it was sold a year or so ago.  He's also wearing Genuine Kids skinny jeans and navy TOMS.  Tillie is wearing the pink Valentine's flutter I made her.  By adding the green Dreamspun leggings and necklace I think it pulls out the green in the heart fabric on the dress making it more springy.  Maybe you still think it looks like a Valentine's outfit, but since I spend a lot of time making this dress(3 years ago...) I want her to wear it more.  And, she likes it.  She did wear a cardigan when we were outside/in the car, but she took it off immediately
upon arriving inside a building.

Tillie thought it was so funny that there was only a "tiny baby snow" left this morning.  It's all melted now though!  (In that pile.  There's still snow in other parts of our yard.)

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