Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dentist Day!

Just what every kid wants to do on their spring break!  (When I scheduled it I didn't realize that it was spring break.)

Tillie's wearing a new Gap shoe tee I bought this week.  Sale was 30% off, so I got it for $2.79.  I couldn't really resist that even though it's a size 4.  Kizie picked it out.  The shoes say "Let's Go" in yellow in them, so we added the crewcuts yellow star leggings under her chambray skirt.  Of course when you're wearing a shoe shirt you have to wear fancy shoes, like Circo sparkle ones.

This skirt is a size 3 and still gets worn more than any of her other skirts.  I'm thinking of making her one like it and almost bought fabric to do so last week.  But, then they didn't have what I was looking for at the location I stopped at.  If I don't do it now I'm not sure I'll get it done for a while...

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