Thursday, July 3, 2014

Long Sleeves

I laid out all of the kids clothes for the whole week last Friday.  This morning I had to dig in their drawers to find long sleeves for layering!

Ted's worn this crewcuts "Sea Legs" tee and Gap Americana shorts recently, but I really love the two pieces together.  Also, since Til is wearing a shirt about the sea, I thought it would be cute to match.

Tillie's is wearing a crewcuts outfit with a "The sea is my home" tee and cowgirl shorts.  The gold Salt-Waters were from J.Crew sale a couple years ago as well.

Little Bea is wearing a Gap striped dress I got for 50 cents at the thrift store.  Paired with a red Dear Grace & Parker bow, she's a reverse flag.

Teddy spilled his grape juice at breakfast and Tillie was complaining about the sequins itching, so they both wanted to change clothes by 9:15.  Fine.  I pulled out the staff kid shirts from 2 years ago and added a Gap Surf skirt for Tillie and Osh Kosh jeans for Teddy.  If I had been thinking I would have saved yesterdays striped Mini-Boden baggies for Ted, but that might have been over the top matching anyway.

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