Sunday, September 7, 2014

Classy Girl, Frat Boy and Growing Baby

Tillie's outfit today was based on the fact that she wanted to wear her crewcuts cap-toed ballet flats.  She doesn't have much in her summer/early-fall wardrobe that goes with black, so this Gap Playtime Favorites dress was pretty much her only option.  We added the DreamSpun necklace she made to make it "fancy" for church. (For my non-Facebook/IG readers, Tillie tripped on our brick sidewalk yesterday.  That's what her scraped up face and knees are from.)

Teddy's wearing Old Navy shorts and polo with his new gray TOMS.  The shoes are a 7 and just a little too big, but wearable.  He wanted them over his gray Star Wars slip-ons, which are getting a little small.  I'd guess he's actually in a 6.5 at the moment.

Beatrix is wearing a 0-3m Beatrix Potter for Baby Gap dress that I really need to pack away.  I think packing away all the 0-3m clothes will be my job this week(maybe after I squeeze her into a few of the outfits once more...).  I layered it over a Gap(3-6m) Park House bodysuit that has a hedgehog on it!  I just needed the cream sleeves since it's a little cool this morning.  Tillie even asked for a cardigan after taking the picture outside before church.  That's a first there, friends.

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