Friday, September 5, 2014

Finally Summer?

Of course it's 80* all week with gross humidity the week everyone goes back to school.  I wish we could have spent time at the pool!  (Well, on the not rainy days.)

Beatrix is wearing a fall top made summery by pairing it with a ruffled diaper cover.  The top is Gap Boho that I bought when I was pregnant with Tillie.  It's 0-3m and I'm glad Bea got to wear it this "fall" before she outgrew it.  I might try to get it on her again next week with jeans when it cools off  The diaper cover is Gap Capri.

Tillie's wearing an Oilily dress I found at Once Upon a Child.  She LOVES it.  It's a pretty slim fit, but that works okay for her.  We were almost late for school and I didn't realize she looked like a punk in the pictures I took.

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