Thursday, September 11, 2014


Yep, it's here.  I feel like I've spend this month talking about the weather, but it makes a big difference to what clothes they wear!

Tillie was excited to wear a new Naartjie outfit I got her at the outlet this summer.  They're both 6s, so it should fit for a while.  (Of course she came home with stains on the pants from the playgound... It's soaking, but I guess it's good I bought it as a school outfit!)  She was super-excited to wear her silver Circo cat shoes.  We bought the gray bow at DreamSpun on Tuesday to go with her school picture outfit.

Teddy ended up in longsleeves later, but this morning he picked out this crewcuts tee and I told him he had to wear his Gap jeans.  He picked the TOMS.  I don't know why he looks like he was crying.

Beatrix is wear a Gap  Baby Love chambray dress.  I'm glad it cooled off so she could wear it one more time.  We added the Gap Wonderland socks she wore home from the hospital and See Kai Run mary janes I got at a garage sale for $1!

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