Monday, September 22, 2014

Signs of Fall

Today for Show and Tell Tillie could bring something that reminded her of fall.  She came up with a long list, but some things were difficult to "show". (When it starts getting colder and you need cozy clothes.  When the flowers start to close up to go away for the winter.)  She settled on a pumpkin, which sounds like it was the most popular option for other kids as well.

Believe it or not, it was Tillie's idea to wear this Mini-Boden apple pocket skirt($4 at the JBF sale last week) and Gap apple boots.  I added the brown Mini-Boden top and Sew Sweet Stitches apple clip.

Also, she strategically placed those leaves in the ground around her.  Her idea, not mine.  This girl LOVES fall.

Bea is wearing a Baby Lulu dress that has acorns, leaves, pine needles and pine cones on it.  It's another Once Upon a Child $1 find.  The Gap Chelsea boots were Til's

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