Sunday, September 21, 2014

Navy and Pink

So classic.

I had a good number of navy and pink outfits back in my early J. Crew days.  Today's outfits were all based on the fact that I wanted Teddy to wear this outfit.  He wore it a week ago to an anniversary party with my parents and I didn't get a picture of it then.  I got the Ralph Lauren plaid button-up at a thrift store and the Gap Party Outfits bike pants super-cheap when there was an extra percentage off sale.  They're both 2t and I have no idea why the shirt is still a little big.

Tillie's wearing the outlet version of a Gap Abbey Road dress.  She made me buy it for her at Goodwill a year or so ago.  I wanted to put it back because it was pretty faded, but she LOVED it.  Apparently she doesn't love it anymore, but she still does like it.  It is very cute on her.  It's layered over a Crazy 8 Halloween tee because it's the only white shirt we had and the dress covered the whole graphic.  She takes any opportunity she has to wear her Circo cat shoes and they worked fine today.

Bea's wearing a Gap PopShop dress I got for $1 a Once Upon a Child.  I ADORE this dress.  I wanted it when Tillie was a baby but ended up with a strawberry outfit from the line instead.  It's layered over a cream Gap bodysuit.  The Gap navy patent leather shoes were Tillie's Christmas shoes as a baby.  They're too big on Bea so they'll probably still fit her in December, too.

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