Thursday, November 13, 2014

First Snow

Today was the first snow that stuck on the ground, so we celebrated with our clothing choices.  (And, the snow reflects so much light that these pictures are badly lit and I didn't realize it until now.)

Tillie's wearing a crewcuts snowflake tee(the same she wore last year), H&M jeans amd snowflake TOMS(also wore last year).

I dug in Teddy's 3t bin for this Gap Alpine Lodge reindeer tee.  His Next lined jeans are also from the 3t bin and are huge, but they do have a drawstrig waist.  Once he tried them on he wouldn't let me take them off.  Later he wore gray french terry Carter's pants and they fit better.

Beatrix is wearing an Old Navy reindeer romper that Tillie wore for her first Christmas.  It's a 6-12m, but runs a little small so I'm glad it snowed so she could start wearing it.  I'm not sure it will fit in 1.5 months!

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