Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's time for Red and Green!

After a month of pulling out brown and orange whenever I could, I'm so happy to have the kids wear Christmassy outfits again.  Today the girls are wearing Naartjie outfits.  I got Bea's for $6 in September.  I ordered Tillie's in October with KidKash(like Gymbucks) that someone gave me.

  I ordered Tillie a green outfit in September, but it's a 6 and a little big.  This red one is size 5.  She was really excited when I opened this package -- her two favorite colors!  Her red felt bow was from a Dear Grace and Parker sale earlier this month.

Bea's outfit is 6-12 month and is still a little big.  That means you'll probably see it on her around St. Patrick's Day as well!  Her boots are Gap.

I'm really going to miss this brand if they don't stick around.

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