Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Church Outfits

We were almost(okay, were) late for church this morning, so I didn't get many retakes this morning.  You can still kind of see their outfits.

Bea is wearing a polka dotted Old Navy dress I bought during their 50% off Black Friday preview sale.  Her headband is from a local school craft fair.  Her socks are Gymboree purchased when I was pregnant on a super-clearance and the shoes had been Tillie's.

Tillie's wearing a DreamSpun Christmas dress my mom got from their samples.  It has a little spot on the back neck, but her hair covers it.  She adores this dress and I quite like it on her too!  Her knee socks are Gymboree, her bow is Dear Grace & Parker and her shoes are Circo.  I made her necklace a year ago.  She has quite a few dressy Christmas outfits, but I think this one might be the winner for the church Christmas program.  We'll see how I feel on the 14th.

Teddy's wearing a Gap sweater and chambray shirt with Old Navy pants.  The pants are a 2t and actually getting a little short, but we paired them with striped Circo socks and called it good.  He was happy I told him to wear his gray TOMS today.  Gap has a version of this sweater every year and this 2t is from 2 years ago.  He wore it once for some pictures and I'm not very happy with how it washed up.  I think I need to take a sweater comb to it.

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