Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pink Sisters

The other day when my matching hairbow order came in I asked Tillie, "Do you like matching Bea?"  She replied, "Yes, but not every day."  I told her if she ever wanted to stop to let me know, but now I'm loving that they let me do this.

I bought these dresses from Next with a $20 off referral code I had.  Bea's came with coordinating tights.  My friend made her white bow headband and she's wearing Gap boots.  These boots are adorable and warm, but I constantly have to be on "boot watch" if she's wearing them when we're out since they always fall off.

Tillie's wearing hers with Gap jeans and Circo boots.  You can't see it, but her clip is a Hello Kitty head.  She picked it out at a recent craft sale.

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