Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break Day 6

Our last day in North Carolina.  We're actually leaving around 9pm tonight.  We drove down to Cape Hatteras to see a couple lighthouses today.  I really didn't plan it, but the only shirt left that Tillie hadn't worn was her Lands' End lighthouse one.  It's even a swirly blue and white one!  She wasn't very happy to be there, but she was excited when she saw that they were so similar.  It was cool. rainy, and windy so I made her wear her Urban Baby Bonnet too.  I forgot her jacket at the beach house.  I didn't intend to pack them, but these "new" Primigi pink mary janes were what Tillie was wearing when we left last Friday.  I bought them at a garage sale for $3 a couple weeks ago.

Teddy wore his Gap jeans again, with a Carter's bodysuit and Crazy 8 polo.  My mom got the polo super-cheap right after Teddy was born.  I think long-sleeves look cute under polos and it extends the time he can wear them weather-wise!

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