Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break -- Extras

I tried using my brother's fancy camera to take pictures of my kids by the ocean.  We had three problems.
1. I don't really know how to use his camera.
2. I didn't think about the lighting when I set them up.
3. Neither one of them had any interest in posing on the cold beach while wearing summer clothes.

I do like the clothing combinations I came up with though!  I took these pictures on Tuesday.


These are the outfits I brought specifically for pictures.
Tillie - yellow Old Navy top(new), white cropped Carter's denim(last summer)
Teddy - Gap Hamptons one-piece I bought when we were trying to get pregnant.

I really like the colors together and how they play off the blanket I got at an estate sale.

Late afternoon:
These are the outfits I pulled together when I saw Teddy's morning outfit was drooled on.
Tillie - off-white crewcuts tee and chambray skirt
Teddy - Chaps one-piece

Again, I like how the colors play together.  I'll just have to try again at Lake Michigan this summer.  It should(?) be easier when Teddy can sit up without the bumbo.

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