Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Church

Here are my two kiddos all ready for church today.  Tillie's wearing a Matilda Jane Hammond Bay Wendy dress.  Now, this is a dress she's had before in 18m.  Usually I don't repeat things that aren't "basics", but when I found this dress in a size 4 on craigslist last summer I couldn't resist.  It's too bad Teddy isn't a girl, the 18m would probably fit him perfectly right now!  (Okay, I don't really wish he was a girl, but how freakin' cute would it be to have sisters in matching Wendy dresses?  I rest my case.)  I layered an Old Navy sleeveless tank under the dress.  I think a layering piece just gives outfits a more "finished" look.  The neck is a little big on Tillie too, so this helps it look like it fits better.  I hope you're ready to see a lot of these yellow Salt-Waters.  She loves them and so do I.  We'll be finding ways to make them match as much as we can this summer, like we did today by matching them to the flowers on the 5th stripe of her dress.

Teddy's wearing a Gap Cabana plaid short sleeved shirt, Gap Naval Academy cargo chinos and cadet and orange See Kai Run shoes.  We tried a pair of darling seersucker Cherokee shoes on him, but at size 5 they're still way too big.  Hopefully they fit him sometime when it's the appropriate season!

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Alissa DuHasky said...

I bought a pair of yellow saltwaters last year on GF because they were cheap and I also loved them and found tons of outfits to match them.

I bought 4 pairs this year but sadly no yellow.

Your dd is rocking them!