Saturday, May 18, 2013


I love a good nautical outfit.  This morning we had to run a couple errands on the other side of town.  I decided this was reason enough to dress the kids in cute outfits.

Tillie's wearing crewcuts chambray tunic and capri anchor leggings with a Gymboree necklace and yellow Salt-Waters.  She's worn a variation of this outfit many times, but this seems to be the first time she realized the tunic has pockets.

This Gap Cannes outfit of Teddy's is one the rare "new" outfits I bought him for this summer.  The majority of  his wardrobe this season was purchased used at garage sales, facebook and thrift stores.  While I liked everything when I bought it, I'm a little underwhelmed at the "outfits" his has.  It's a lot of pieces that don't go together.  Oh, I just remember that most of his shorts were purchased new during a crazy-awesome Gymboree sale.  But, they don't have specific matches.  We'll see what I come up with.  I'm currently struggling.

Anyway, I adore this little outfit.  My mom bought it for him on clearance last fall.  Still a little big, but cute none-the-less.  I really need to pack away the red shoes.  They just really make so many of his outfits.

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