Friday, August 2, 2013


But you wouldn't know it by our outfits.  Today we had plans to go to the Coast Guard Festival Arts and Craft Show, but we woke up to a dreary cool morning.  A drive out to the Lake just didn't seem fun.  Instead we went to Target and Meijer.  Wee!

Tillie wore a Mini-Boden dress from Nordstrom Rack.  I initially picked it up thinking it would be a good gift, but as I was looking at it in the store I thought it looked a little wide for 1.5-2y.  Tillie tried it on, and sure enough it, it worked great as a tunic!  (In this pose it looks a little snug, but in real life it doesn't.)  If I ever have another girl I'll be sure to try it at at 18 months and we can all see what it looks like that way too.  Today we paired it with some tulle ruffle Gymboree leggings. (During Red, White & Blue week she wore it with navy bike shorts one night!)

Teddy's happily wearing a Mini-Boden "ahplane!" tee I got at a garage sale this summer.  It's a 12-18m that seems to actually to fit like 12-18m, instead of larger.  I really like it with these madras shorts from The Children's Place.  While I am wishing it was warmer, I'm enjoying putting real shoes on Ted.  I'm coming to find I really like boys in "shoes" as opposed to "sandals".  Maybe when he can wear leather flip-flops I'll come to like the look.

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