Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Last Time

It's had a good run, but I really think this should be the last time Tillie wears her Matilda Jane Pearl.  It's still more than wide enough as a tunic, but the arm holes are just a little too small.  Considering she first wore it in November of 2010 I think I've gotten my money's worth out of it.  I bought it used for $30.  (And before anyone emails me, no, I'm not selling it.  Even if I wasn't planning on having more kids this would be something I wouldn't be able to part with.  It's definitely going in her box to save.  (Unless I have another daughter to wear it someday!))  It's a piece I would definitely buy again, if I could find one at a reasonable price. *sigh*  It's just so pretty on her!   She's wearing it with the Deliah ruffles, crewcuts necklace and tan Salt-Water sandals.  It's a repeat of this exact outfit from 2011, plus her Urban Baby Bonnets solBonnet.

Teddy is wearing his first piece of crewcuts today!  It's a size 2, but it fits him surprisingly well, seeing as a lot of 18-24m clothes are too big for him.  Once he gets tall enough it's going to be a great brand for him because of how slim it runs.  If only I still had the discount!  (Okay, I have a ton I bought before I left and other things I've bought on super clearance so he'll still have a good selection.)  Anyway, I love this "super fast" tee.  It's so perfect for this little boy who never stops moving, except to eat.  He's wearing it with Genuine Kids skinny jeans and red Tiny TOMS along with his UB2 modCap.

One more, because they're too cute.

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