Monday, August 5, 2013

Spanish Camp!

Tillie's going to Spanish Camp at her preschool this week.  Her review, "We got to play at the park[playground], painted a crab and saw pictures of the sea.  There was no snack or pictures."
It's another cool day over here so she's wearing an ArtPrize American Apparel tee with crewcuts ruffle skirt and leggings.

Ted got to run errands with me.  Here's our stop at Target in a Peek... Aren't You Curious button-up and Crazy 8 skinny jeans.  Ack, the cuffed jeans and TOMS are so cute to me.

So, because I'm awesome and my hobby is my kids' clothes I have Pinterest boards for some items in their "closets".  It helps me plan pictures, holidays and store line names for the blog.  I was trying to find his Crazy 8 skinny jeans today when I discovered they are girl jeans.  Now, I really don't don't care that they're girl jeans, but it's crazy how much better they fit than all the other boy jeans he has.  Also interesting is that I bought both of them second hand and they were both in the boy sections of the store.

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