Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

I'm trying something new today and joining Trendy Tot Tuesday.  Since this blog is all about my kids' fashion it already fits the qualifications for joining!

Today was Tillie's second day of Spanish Camp.  The weather here is still a little weird, so I thought pants would be a good choice.  Can you believe I found these Matilda Jane chambray ruffles at a garage sale for $4!  I'd been hoping to make her a pair of chambray ruffles, but couldn't find any chambray fabric I liked locally.  They're size 4 and should fit her for a while.  The Hotline damsel dress my mom got at a garage sale a couple years ago.  It's a 2, but since she's a skinny-minnie it still works as a tunic.  Her tan Salt-Water sandals are a favorite as they go with nearly everything.

I just love how sweet she looks in this outfit.

Ted-Ted is wearing one of our favorite tees this season.  It's from Carter's, but I feel like it has more of a Gap-ish look.  The bonus is that I got it for a steal at Kohl's.  His shorts are Gymboree Prepster Pup my mom got for super-cheap during a sale + coupon.  It's all layered over a Gap outlet bodysuit from a garage sale.  The seersucker Circo shoes are a little matchy-matchy with his shorts, but he's not even 2 yet so it works.

My kids' style is that I like nice quality clothes, but since I'm a stay at home mom, my clothing budget is limited.  I really like shopping, so I've transitioned that to scouring garage sales, thrift stores and clearance racks to stretch the budget and still get nice clothes I love.  The end result is that they have too much, but a lot of it I paid very little for.  And, there are always a few items I just have to splurge for.  I have a lot of fun mixing and matching their clothes.  I think they usually look pretty cute.


Kelly Slater said...

Newest follower from the link up! Those are both adorable! I love Matilda Jane. She's a cutie! And you're right, that little shirt does not look like Carter's. I love his shorts and shoes too!

Jaime Fausnaugh said...

I dont know how on earth I found your blog, but I just love it! :) I love baby clothes! If you EVER EVER EVER want to sell this dress I've wanted one for a year. LOL, Emma is 3, but I dont care she can wear it as a cropped top if you ever get rid of it!
PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE Remember me at jaimefausnaugh at ymail
LOE LOVE LOVE your blog. I'm subscribed now :)