Sunday, August 4, 2013

Double Outfit Day!

While the weather has been absolutely delightful the last few days, it is a little cool for August in the morning.  I didn't want the kids to be too cold at church this morning.  Tillie wore an outfit I've posted about before, but it's just so pretty I couldn't resist posting it again: crewcuts tee, Georgia Grace Whimsy knot dress, yellow Salt-Water sandals and My Little Pixies hydrangea clip.  Teddy's wearing a Crazy 8 polo and Gap Dressy Styles patchwork madras pants with navy Pediped shoes.

After church we drove out to my hometown for a local church's "Race Day".  They have hot dogs, a car show, a craft fair, kids games AND firetrucks.  Kids are free to check out the firetrucks which made my son's day.  It might quite possibly be the highlight of his life so far.  He wore a Carter's dino tee and madras shorts from The Children's Place.  (If I had been thinking I would have had him wear a fire truck shirt.  I wasn't thinking.)

Tillie wore a Carter's dress that Aunt Betsy gave her for her birthday.  I had her wear it once at Camp for a few hours, but then I realized there was too much white on it and it was way too cute on her to get ruined.  Much better for wearing around town where there's less dirt.  I made the clip to match her Easter outfit in 2011.

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