Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Angel

Because if you can't wear a star tiara/headband to church at Christmas when you're 4, when can you?

Tillie's wearing a Gap sweater dress that I bought last year at Christmas with rewards and a sale.  My local stores never had it, but when I saw it online I just had to have it.  Thankfully she's okay with long sleeves now because these wouldn't roll very well.  Her headband and necklace are crewcuts, her tights are Gap and her bronze sparkle shoes are crewcuts.

Teddy, well, Ted doesn't have as many Christmasy themed outfits as Tillie.  So many of them seem to feature dogs wearing antlers which just isn't my style.  I tried to get him some more things this year and just didn't find anything.  He's wearing a Gap Le Marais gingham one-piece and Military Prep cardigan.  He wore this recently, but it still does look vaguely festive with Christmas so close.

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