Friday, December 13, 2013

Oh Little Man

I mean seriously, this outfit is too cute.  Ted is wearing a Janie & Jack cable-knit cardigan.  It's, um, size 12-18m.  I do think their clothes run big, but this is kind of ridiculous.  He's also wearing a short-sleeved gingham shirt from crewcuts and Crazy 8 skinny jeans.  His Livie & Luca boots are a little hard to get on, but now that we've gotten them stretchered out a little it's not so bad.  I was a little worried earlier this fall.  They're so cute and I was worried we wouldn't get many wears out of them.  They fit perfectly when they're all the way on.

Tillie's wearing a crewcuts sequin bow tee and corduroy skirt.  She only has one pair of cream tights that fit well, so I like to keep them for church.  We used Gap gray tights(thrift store) and added to a silver/gray clip to tie them together.  Tim recently found her mary jane TOMS in the breezeway(how I couldn't find them there I have no idea) and Tillie was happy to wear them again.

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