Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Party Outfit for a Snow Day

Today was suppose to be Tillie's preschool Christmas party, but freezing rain put a damper on those plans.  She still wanted to wear the outfit she picked out though!  It's a gingerbread house top with a striped fleece skirt from Gymboree's Cozy Cutie line.  She wore the skirt(size 4) last year with a different top, but I found one in size 4 also.  I think both pieces were under $2 each.  Since it's cold and she hates tights I had her wear some tulle leggings as well.  She would have worn Circo Fuggs to school, but she wanted crewcuts sparkle shoes for the picture.  She also requested "princess pigtails."

She picked out a gingerbread girl clip to go with her shirt!

Teddy?  Well, he doesn't have as many Christmas outfits and was refusing clothes, so he's still in Carter's dinosaur pajamas I bought from my cousin.

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