Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dreaming of Spring

I know it's the middle of January and spring is a looooong time away, but I was in the mood for some spring today.  We went to the Gardens after a doctor's appointment this morning, but they were doing a lot of cleaning, the sun wasn't out and there were a lot of photographers with tripods making trips through some rooms not possible.  I didn't really get my spring fix there.  C'est la vie!  At least we got there just a few minutes before story time started.

Ted is wearing a crewcuts bike tee over a Carter's gingham button-up.  His jeans are Genuine Kids and his shoes are converse.  Note the awesome car sticker from my doctor's office.

Tillie's wearing a Matilda Jane Bobbi Jo dress(2) as a tunic, crewcuts tissue tee Gap skinny jeans(5t), Circo Fuggs and a DreamSpun necklace and bow.  I'm not how I didn't realize how well this necklace she made during spring break matches this dress.  (Or maybe she has worn it together already and I just forgot.)

You've got to love a dress she's been wearing since before she was 2!

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