Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Snow Week

The theme at school this week has to do with snow, so we thought it appropriate to wear her crewcuts snowflake shirt.  She can't wear the Gap snowflake jeans to school since she can't do the button, so we paired it with a crewcuts cord skirt and Gymboree tulle leggings.  Tillie insisted on her snowflake TOMS as well.  I told her that after the bathroom break at school it was okay to leave her shirt untucked, but she figured out how to tuck it in.  I was kind of impressed.

My mom bought Teddy this Genuine Kids outfit at Target about a year ago.  I was with her and picked it out, but I'm not loving it on him as much as I thought I would.  Both pieces are 24m, but they're still HUGE on him.  The jeans, as it turns out, are girl jeans.  We did buy them off the boy rack, but later I noticed little birds on the rivets and flowers in the lining.  I wish they fit like his other Genuine Kids jeans!  Maybe when it's actually spring it will fit better.

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