Saturday, September 20, 2014

No TOMS for Bea

Tillie and Teddy are disappointed that they both have TOMS that match Tim and I and Bea has none.  Poor third child.  (Actually, I'd totally buy Bea matching red polka dots if I found them in a store.  I just don't think she needs them enough to go searching online.)

Bea is wearing a Gap Swing Set dress(Once Upon a Child $1 sale!) and a navy Cherokee bodysuit(baby gift!).  Her Pediped shoes were from a Consignment sale.

Tillie is excited that her red polka dot TOMS(Nordstrom Rack!) fit her now!  She wore them with Dreamspun pants(sample sale!), a crewcuts tee and a necklace I made her.

Teddy did NOT want his picture taken, but Mama made him anyway -- but only one take!  He's wearing a crewcuts tee, Gap jeans(all his non-Gap or crewcuts 2t pants are too short, but all 3t are GINOURMOUS on him.) and navy TOMS.

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