Thursday, October 9, 2014

2t Fits!

Size 2 finally fits Ted the way I like it.  Only took him a year!  He had his check-up this week and he's about 15% for height and weight.  He's wearing a crewcuts hoodie and Gap skinny jeans with TOMS.

I try to take Bea's pictures right away in the morning before her first bottle so I can get a picture before she spits up on her outfit.  However, the lighting at 7:15am isn't the best. She's wearing a Gap Highlander dress and leggings set I bought at a garage sale.  She's wearing a new headband from Inspired by Zoelle Olive on Etsy.  Her shoes are Gap Country Cool I just bought for our family pictures.  Now that pictures are done we can start wearing those outfits and pieces without worrying about them getting ruined!

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