Wednesday, October 8, 2014


My kids love superheroes.  When I found this Gap JunkFood Spiderman shirt at a JBF sale I knew Ted would flip.  It was $1.50 which made it easier to relent on my no loose "no licensed shirts" rule.  And, it's Gap -- maybe it doesn't count?  His jeans are 77Kids and his shoes are TOMS.  Obviously he had to pose with his new Spiderman scooter.

Tillie is wearing a crewcuts top(that I still adore!) with Gap skinny jeans and TOMS mary janes.

Beatrix is wearing hand-me-down Gap overalls from Tillie.  My mom bought them at a garage sale when Til was a baby.  Unfortunately I waited too long for Bea to wear them and they're too short on her.

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