Sunday, December 7, 2014

2nd Sunday of Advent

I took the camera with me to church to take better pictures by the trees with better lighting there, but I left the memory card at home!  Maybe next week.

Last year I felt a lot of pressure to buy outfits for this year right when things got marked down.  Things were really picked over in Tillie's size, but I ended up with a gold Gap skirt I liked.  I bought a cute tee and cardigan to wear with it, but when I had her try it on together I didn't like it.  And, the size 5 skirt is a little roomy.  Maybe next year?  This is the Carter's dress I bought for Bea to wear.  I picked up a gold cardigan at Target for her to wear with it, but I didn't really like it together, I just liked how it coordinated with Tillie.  This morning I decided to be really lenient on Christmas colors and put at Gap Wayfarer cardigan my aunt gave her. With Gymboree patent leather maryjanes and a Dear Grace and Parker bow she's just too cute!

Teddy's wearing and Arizona button-up I got with a free $10 coupon from Penney's.  His black skinny jeans are Gap and his shoes are TOMS.  I know I said I was really excited about his outfit for this morning, but  decided to have him wear that to the Members Party at the Gardens tonight instead.

Tillie's wearing an Olive Juice dress I bought half off at a consignment store a few years ago.  It's a 4 and finally fits!  Her tights are Gymboree and her shoes are Circo.

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